What You Should Know About Pool Ownership

Owning your own swimming pool is a great investment, because it not only provides you and your family with a safe and fun way to get exercise over the summer, but it also increases your home’s value. While startup costs for pool installation may seem high, swimming pool maintenance costs are often cheaper per summer than the average family vacation. Here are a few more things you should know if you’re considering a swimming pool installation in Salt Lake City .

Average Monthly Pool Maintenance Costs
Your swimming pool maintenance costs will vary by region, but on average, the cost is only around $200 per month. This cost includes the electrical costs to run your pool equipment, which are around $80 per month. You’ll also spend

Pool and Spa Remodel by Deep Blue Pools and Spasaround $80 per month on electrical or gas costs for a pool heater for your pool, hot tub, or spa. The cost of the chemicals necessary to maintain the sanitation levels of the pool will be around $20 per month. If your pool or pool equipment requires maintenance or repairs, the cost averages to about $20 per month. Hiring a professional swimming pool services company for your pool maintenance, such as cleaning, and testing and adjusting your pool’s chemical levels, can be around $100-$300 per month depending upon your region.

Average Swimming Pool Installation Costs
Again, this cost varies from region to region. On average, swimming pool builders and installers charge around $40,000. This cost can increase or decrease depending upon certain pool features, such as the type of pool deck and pool tile, and weather the pool is a small pool, lap pool, indoor swimming pool, or an in ground pool.

Average Increase to Your Home’s Value With a Swimming Pool
A swimming pool will always increase the resale value of your home. How much it increases depends upon your neighborhood and your region. An in ground swimming pool installation can increase the value of your home between 8% and 15%. In the Southeast, the value will increase between 5% and 10%. In the Southwest, between 8-13%.

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